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You know that Chronic Care Management adds value to the well-being of your patients. But patient enrollment is time-consuming and administering the program month-after-month is equally challenging.
CareCognitics solves those problems. We are a digital health company helping Physician Groups increase CCM patient enrollment and retention without adding any organizational costs or burdens.

Five Percent

Only 5% of patients have stayed with the Medicare CCM program (CPT 99490)

Why? While you understand CCM’s value, your patients may not. But once they see how your new CCM program improves their care, an $8 monthly co-pay will seem well worth it. (Isn’t better health more valuable than a Netflix subscription?)

Our Solution

Active Patient Engagement

We go beyond what CMS mandates and what most physician offices are able to do by engaging in regular communication with your patients.
Our team of licensed care coordinators – working within the patented CareCognitics engagement platform – direct communication workflows that provide ongoing patient value. Working directly within your EHR, we document demographics, problems, and medications, offering monthly summaries, recommendations and observations based on your patient’s specific care plan.
The net result is a deeper connection between you and your patients and an effective method to scale CCM revenue.

Why it Matters

Real Benefits

Quality of Care

Studies show that patients who participate in their own health have lower medical costs, fewer surgeries and better health outcomes. We increase patient engagement with monthly care summaries, personalized recommendations and observations, and recognition when your patients take preventative steps to stay on plan.

Increased Revenue

CareCognitics provides immediate financial impact by enrolling, on average, 20% of your eligible Chronic Care patients within the first 60 days. Increasing patient engagement month-over-month also escalates Annual Wellness visits and GPRO scores which in turn generates additional revenue.

No Hassle, No Risk

We understand how busy you are so we offer a complete turnkey solution that includes patient enrollment and ongoing CCM. The entire administration of the program is handled by our team and integrates directly within your EHR. You simply bill each month to collect the Medicare reimbursement. And all this is done without adding any operational burdens or costs to your practice.

Accelerated Start

Let’s Get Going!

With no upfront fees or hidden costs, we offer a simple 3-step process that has your CCM program within 10 business days:

 Assess and extract eligible patients
Setup, configure and train
 CareCognitics begins enrolling patients

Success Case Story

Tangible Results

A Physician Practice in Nevada began working with us in 2017:

 1,200 Eligible Medicare Patients
870 Patients enrolled (72%) in first 8 months
4x improvement in Annual Wellness Visits
 Vastly improved GPRO Scores
• $200,000 in net annual revenue

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