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with CCM, Seriously!

Patient signup is the easy part, we help you keep your patients in your chronic care management (CCM) program month after month so you can maximize your revenue while providing the best quality care!

Two percent

Only 2% of patients have stayed with the Medicare CCM program (CPT 99490)

Why? While you understand CCM’s value, your patients may not. But once they see how your new CCM program improves their care, an $8 monthly co-pay will seem well worth it. (Isn’t better health more valuable than a Netflix subscription?)

Our Solution

Meet Sirona

Sirona, your personal and intelligent health assistant

Sirona is a digital health assistant that uses machine learning to enhance your CCM offering, foster patient relationships, and deliver value for you and your patients every single day. Plus, it’s augmented by our experienced staff of medical assistants available 24/7 to drive Medicare compliance and provide the best quality care!

Why it Matters?

Real Benefits

Happier Patients

We take good care of your patients by providing 24×7 access to care, keep them motivated by providing them with personalized care reports and help them achieve their goals through our targeted rewards program.

Increased Revenue

Our dashboards and alerts ensure 100% coverage across enrolled patients to maximize your billing and our patient engagement increases your revenue by maximizing patient retention month after month.

No Hassle

We understand how busy you are so we provide a fully outsourced solution, integrate directly with your EHR and stay fully HIPAA compliant.

Accelerated Start

10-10-10 Program

We’ve made it easy for you to get started

 10-days of assessment
10-days of setup and training
 10-days ramp up from 0% to 100%

Call us for a free personalized assessment!

A 1 hour assessment could lead to $100K or more in new revenue per year

Not convinced yet?

Success Case Study

A Physician Practice in Nevada that has Successfully launched the CCM Program:

 1000 Medicare Patients
750 Patients enrolled (75%)
$25,000/month in revenue
 5000 Medicare claims accepted

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A 1 hour assessment could lead to 100K or more in new revenue per year