Applying Casino Loyalty and Data Science to Healthcare

Our industry first unified Patient eXperience Management (PXM) platform brings technology innovations from the retail and hospitality industries to transform your patients’ health care experience.

Why It Matters?

PXM can help you achieve the Quadruple aim, and here’s our results:

Enhance Patient Satisfaction


patient engagement rate

Improve patient care


increase in Quality Scores

Reduce health care costs


savings per patient per year

Reduce provider burnout


hours of care provided in-between office visits

How does Patient eXperience Management (PXM)
achieve these results?

Going beyond engagement to create patient loyalty

Remove barriers to care with VIP Service
A set of integrated digital capabilities that provides frictionless patient engagement combined with our dedicated medical assistants removes barriers to care and delivers a differentiated VIP patient experience.
Upgrade from siloed care to collaborative care
We are breaking data silos by creating an integrated care plan across providers. Our interactive and actionable care plan transforms patients into active participants of their own health to lower their medical cost.
Identify good behavior, not just poor health
Our patent pending machine learning algorithms not only identify patients with health risks but also identify patient behaviors to create granular impact segments. We personalize incentives and deliver timely interventions based on these granular segments to motivate patients to take initiatives they would otherwise not take.
Go beyond cash rewards to experiential rewards
By focusing on experiential rewards like same day appointment, VIP line, and personalized care plans, we instill the feeling that my provider cares about my health which leads to patient loyalty.

Who We Serve

Innovators who strive for more than the status quo

Primary care practices, health systems, University health systems, ACO’s
Private Health Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid
Self-insured employers

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