We help you succeed with Chronic Care

Our experienced clinical teams, augmented by our patented “smart” technology, are creating personalized care plans and workflows that turn patients into active participants in their own health.
The net result is better health outcomes, lower administrative costs and a more enduring connection between physicians and their patients.

Five Percent Adoption

Why is the adoption so low in Chronic Care program?

Chronic problems are individual specific yet most organizations use one size fits all solutions. As a result, you understand the value but your patient does not.

Data Science
with Human Touch

Shifting From EHR To CRM

To increase adoption at scale, we must communicate at an individual level. Our patented technology platform uses AI and machine learning algorithms which are based on years of experience developing CRM and Loyalty programs in other industries to deliver personalized care at scale.
Expert clinical staff
Care coordinators that go beyond Medicare mandates to influence positive patient health outcomes.
Monthly email and SMS
Increase retention and patient engagement through monthly communication with personalized, relevant content.
Physician branding at all touch-points
All emails, sms, mobile app and portals have your branding to strengthen the physician-patient relationship.
Direct updates to your EHR
Your EHR always reflects accurate medication lists, visit notes, follow-up notes, and patient reminders with real-time data entry.
HIPAA compliant cloud infrastructure
Software as a service (SaaS) delivery ensures secure, 24/7 access with exceptional technical support.
A Mobile Care Plan
24×7 Access to Care Plan (AND online resources) An easy-to-use smartphone app designed for patients and caregivers to help them manage their care plan.

Our Brand Promise

Exceptional Customer Results

Real results you can expect based on what our customers are seeing


Average enrollment rate of Chronic Care Management program vs. 5% national average


Patient open rates for CareCognitics content against industry average of 25%


Increase in PQRS quality scores within first six months of engagement in program


Patient response rate for CareCognitics content against industry average of 2%


Enrollment in annual wellness visits vs. 20% national average


Average revenue a Physician practice will net for every block of 1,000 eligible CCM patients

Accelerated Start

Let’s Get Started!

With no upfront fees or hidden costs, we offer a simple process that has your CCM program up and running within 10 business days:

  • Decrease your administrative burden and workload – We offer a complete turnkey solution
  • Increase your practice revenue without additional costs – We operate on a revenue share plan, only making money when we make you money
  • Improve quality scores and enhance patient satisfaction – Our personalized care plans increase compliance and patient participation
  • Improve patient health outcomes – Our smart technology enables your patients to make better health decisions
  • We work with all EHR’s – Our personalized care plans increase compliance and patient participation

Why it matters

Real Benefits You Can Expect

Improved Quality of Care

Studies show that patients who participate in their own health have lower medical costs, fewer surgeries and better health outcomes. We increase patient engagement with monthly care summaries, personalized recommendations and observations, and recognition when your patients take preventative steps to stay on plan.

Increased Revenue

CareCognitics provides immediate financial impact by enrolling, on average, 20% of your eligible Chronic Care patients within the first 60 days. Increasing patient engagement month-over-month also escalates Annual Wellness visits and GPRO scores which in turn generates additional revenue.

No Risk, No Cost

We understand how busy you are so we offer a complete turnkey solution that includes patient enrollment and ongoing CCM. The entire administration of the program is handled by our team and integrates directly within your EHR. You simply bill each month to collect the Medicare reimbursement. And all this is done without adding any operational burdens or costs to your practice.

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